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The Challenge Program provides the best opportunity to focus on the most important aspect of the game for every youth soccer player: TECHNIQUE. This program is for male and female keepers of all levels. Once at camp each goalkeeper is assessed and put into an ability-based group that will allow our staff to adjust the level of training to ensure a week in a training group that is appropriate for each and every goalkeeper. For our younger keepers this may be their first formal introduction to serious goalkeeper training. For our advanced or returning goalkeepers it will be a comprehensive review and will continue to layer in knowledge and experiences within the demanding training structure. For all students, it will be an experience that will have a significant impact on and off the field.

When SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School (SPGS) was originally created in 1982, this was the program that those first students went through, since then thousands of goalkeepers from around the world have attended and benefited from the SoccerPlus Challenge Program and while the curriculum has evolved with the game, the methodology that Tony and his staff used then is still employed today, "Challenge them..." was the mantra of the staff, then and now; this is where the name for the program stems from. The program is demanding, designed to address both technical and tactical skills at each student's level and provide the maximum possible repetitions in which to imprint and train in the techniques that are taught during the week. SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School recognizes that each student enters the Challenge Program at various levels of ability and with different needs, regardless of where you start this program challenges each student to cast away self-imposed limits and reach higher levels of goalkeeping and personal growth.

With a student-to-staff ratios of 8:1 or better, our staff build personal relationships and have the ability to get to know and spend ample time with each student. At week’s end, each student has a personal exit meeting with his or her staff coach, receives a written assessment and leaves camp a better keeper and with the knowledge and tools to continue to improve.

Ages: 10 to Adult
Gender: Co-ed
Level: Ages 10-14: Beginner to Elite
Age 14+: Beginner to Intermediate
Fees: $785 Residential ($810 in California)
$685 Commuter ($710 in California)

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The National Goalkeeper Training Center (NTC) has emerged over the years as a basic prerequisite for any high school goalkeeper who has aspirations to play in college. Many collegiate goalkeepers attend to give themselves the competitive edge over their competition for the starting position. The National Training Center was developed for those goalkeepers who already have proven themselves proficient in the basic technical aspects of goalkeeping but still need to become a better keeper. Students must be at least 15 years old at the time of camp; it is strongly recommended that have played one season of high school varsity soccer and/or be a member of their state ODP team or a high-level club team. While these standards may vary from state to state it is important that each student take time to consider which program is best suited to their needs.

NTC students will review the fundamentals at an accelerated pace since it is assumed they are comfortable in performing these skills. Their main focus will be on advanced goalkeeping skills. Students will explore the psychology of goalkeeping, physical conditioning needed to play at the top level, leadership techniques to be used with your team and tactical training to organize your defense. Students leave with a sense of self confidence that will aid them on and off the field. Their new found knowledge and understanding of their position and of the game of soccer will help them to become an integral part of their team’s success.
Ages: 15 to Adult
Gender: Co-ed
Level: Advanced
Fees: $825 Residential ($850 in California)
$725 Commuter ($750 in California)

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The Competitive Program has been designed to give goalkeepers the opportunity to develop their game skills in a competitive environment with field players. Students will continue to train learning goalkeeper skills in the traditional SoccerPlus method but now you can also put those skills to test immediately in game like situations. The Competitive Program boasts an impressive 6:1 student to coach ratio!

The importance of being coached in game-like situations cannot be overstated, yet a goalkeeper should not step into the goal unprepared. The Competitive Program will give you a balance between technical training and functional training in the goal. This program is not for every goalkeeper and is not a step program between the Challenge Program and National Training Center. The ideal Competitive Program student is one proficient in fundamental goalkeeper skills and one who sees a goalkeeper coach regularly (weekly in season). This program will help develop your presence in the goal and make you more tactically aware.
Ages: 10 to 16
Gender: Co-ed
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Fees: $795 Residential ($820 in California)
$695 Commuter ($720 in California)

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NEW - The Core Goalkeeper Training Program, has been developed by creating an abridged version of the Challenge and NTC curriculums. This 4-day, 3-night camp is ideal for goalkeepers who have a solid foundation and are looking to fine tune specific skills, be prepared prior to tryouts or are looking to show at their best during a tournament or college showcase. Each session will be specifically tailored for the training group to ensure that the topics returning goalkeepers wish to work on are covered, while quickly reviewing areas that are less pertinent. For less experienced goalkeepers, the Core program provides an abbreviated overview on the position, covering the most central aspects of the position, getting right down to the Core of goalkeeping. The shortened length of this camp ensures that while sessions are still demanding, goalkeepers can come, train and leave without the same wear and tear of the week-long program, meaning that goalkeepers who attend this program will require minimal recovery time before attending other events.

Ages: 10 to 17
Gender: Co-ed
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Dates/Location: Cal-State Fullerton, CA
July 8-11, 2012

Colgate University, NY
July 15-18, 2012

Northfield Mt. Hermon, MA
August 5-8, 2012
Fees: $525 Residential ($550 in California)
$425 Commuter ($450 in California)

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This training is what SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School has been known for worldwide for more than a quarter-century, adjusted to be provided in local communities as a day camp. This week will be comprehensive and cover every major aspect of goalkeeping including handling, footwork, breakaways, crosses/high balls and diving. There is no question that a week with our professional goalkeeper staff will provide you with the opportunity to take your game to another level and will give you the tools to coach and train yourself.


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ANTC is an invitation-only program for selected NTC campers from previous summers, nationally/regionally prominent high school goalkeepers and collegiate goalkeepers seeking an advanced training environment.

To learn more about the ANTC, or to fill out our application:  CLICK HERE

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 Two Week Programs

SoccerPlus offers a Two-Week Goalkeeper Academy. By combining any two of our goalkeeper programs we can offer our students the extended time and training needed to maximize their potential. While two weeks of Challenge or NTC are available as an option, we strongly recommend one week of Challenge or NTC for technical training and one week of Competitive for tactical coaching in game-like environments.  Offered only at the following sites:
Colgate University in Hamilton, NY
Northfield Mount Hermon, MA

Students who attend the Two-Week Academy will stay with our staff for 13 days for an unmatched exposure to soccer education.

Ages: 10 to 18
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Dates: July 15-27, 2012 NY
July 29-August 10, MA
August 5-17, MA
Fees: $1,675

Notes: You will need to call us at 1-800-KEEPER1 or write us at INFO@SOCCERPLUS.ORG to select which two programs you would like to attend – Please call with questions.

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Discounts for Programs

Multiple Weeks of Camp
Many students have expressed a wish to attend two or more sessions during the summer, at differing locations. If you wish to attend any two individual weeks, you may deduct $100 from the second week you are attending. (This discount does not apply to the 2-week Academies)

Students from the Same Family
Students from the same immediate family will receive a discount of $50 for each student. The students must be from the same family and discount cannot be used in addition to any other discount.

Team or Group Discount
A team or group will receive a discount of $50 for each student. There must be at least 10 students in the group, and all applications will need to be received at the same time. If a team attends, the coach may attend for $400 which is $200 less than the cost of the Coach's Program! (This discount does not apply to the "Team Week").

Please Note:  Discounts may not be combined.  In the event that you qualify for more than one discount, you will receive the greatest single discount applicable.  Students participating in the December 31, 2011 Early Registration Discount are eligible to receive one additional discount along with their $50 early registration discount for a total discount not to exceed $100.

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